It's time for a new Blog

It's time for a new Blog

Since I started my Blog on Jekyll in 2015, I’ve had great fun and experiences. One of my Blogposts still gets thousands of visits every month. But now it’s time to move to a new platform. I’ve always liked the simplicity and the control over a platform like this, but there are also some cons.

Even though markdown is very easy to use, when one wants to focus exclusively on writing, a good editor is simply better. When I focus on writing about books like I currently do a lot, I don’t want to insert markdown etc manually. Even though using ATOM it is so simple to update (commit-push) my page with a simple keyboard shortcut, it’s not the same.

When I tackle with tech thinks it’s perfect, I think Jekyll is really tailored for tech bloggers. But once you use a complete interface with thousands of ready-made plugins you can just put into your page, you will know what I’m talking about. It is as though you are using a beautiful Mac interface. Of course, we love the console, but would we be willing to go back 30 years and use only a command line interface? I’m don’t know you but I like having an option.

The same happened to me while on my blogging journey. I love Jekyll because of the speed and control one has, but you can’t use an editor and export your posts later if you want, much less build an entire website in minutes with drag and drop like you could for example with Wordpress and Elementor.

For these and several other reasons I moved to WP, for now, make sure to subscribe/follow me on my new page, where I share a lot of knowledge about my old/new passion, Books.

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